Why do we sell screens to Resellers?


One World LED prides itself on being a South Australian owned company who specialises in designing, patenting, engineering and manufacturing full colour high resolution LED displays.  

Our products and services are distributed through our authorised Reseller network throughout Australia and overseas, set up by wholesale arrangements with advertising and digital signage companies that already have excellent experience in graphic design and branding.

Our company doesn’t wish to allocate resources to sales and marketing when other already established companies can specialise in this discipline. One World wishes to dedicate our focus on constant development of software, technology and designs whilst Resellers provide end user solutions, sales and support backed by our service and expertise.


Why us?


One World LED is Australia’s only onshore LED specialist design & manufacture organisation. We have strategic relationships with globally recognised core industry manufacturers of all screen components, to whom we provide designs.

Through both our National Price Guarantee that is provided to all Resellers and our value proposition through analysis of total cost of ownership; we provide a high quality, long-term operation solution with increased opportunities for revenue through intelligent software solutions.

Ongoing investment into design, engineering, technology development and intellectual property that protects these assets positions us as a high-tech innovative company that is continuously shaping the market and paving the way for digital visual solutions.

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