Pioneering Single Cabinet Products

One World LED have developed a range of smart, lightweight single cabinet LED displays to produce “off the shelf” product solutions for fast, fuss free distribution by the growing network of certified One World LED Reseller Partners in Australia & across the globe.

The market and requirements of indoor video display systems continue to evolve. One World designed and manufactured indoor displays have not simply kept up the pace with latest global innovations and technologies, but pioneered them.


LED indoor display designs include;

  • Video Walls
  • Magnetic Displays
  • Curved Displays
  • Transparent Displays
  • Showcases 
  • Dance Floors


Our indoor displays range from extremely low pitch solutions (<1mm), to 6mm pitch. Conventionally, indoor brightness ranges from 1200-2000 nits, depending on the type of diode used. Scalability, brightness, dynamic range and refresh rate are key technical capabilities of LED displays that surpass those of LCD. 


Cost breakdown analysis of One World products will reveal focus on max brightness capabilities, heat production minimisation, colour reproduction, power efficiency, reliability, longevity and pixel pitch. Our products are the most competitively priced in the country when compared to others of the same quality.


At One World LED we are confident in our products through continued R&D and optimisation of our total value proposition. Contact us now for further information.

Whether you’re looking for a large digital billboard, or a modest local digital sign, we have an answer for you. Like our indoor selection, our outdoor LED screens are available in various sizes and pitch resolutions.


We supply a range of pixel pitch variants to meet the needs our of reseller’s projects. Finer pixel pitch
variants are suitable for close viewing and larger pixel pitch variants are suitable when the screen will be
viewed at distance. A pitch of 8mm to 10mm remains a popular favourite for outdoor solutions.


Outdoor LED can be either DIP or SMD, please inquire within for sizing options.


Outdoor Aluminium constructed cabinets are durable and strong. Quality power supplies, fans and circuitry are not overlooked in any product selected from our outdoor range.


One World LED Outdoor cabinet solutions include;


  • Silan LED’s, Application designed Power Supply Units, Power and Short-Lead Data Cables
  • Steel or Aluminium Cabinet Build, Locking Pins and Bolts
  • Back Service Doors or Front Service Options
  • LED Software (Windows) for Asynchronous and/or Synchronous Sign Communication
  • Adverpost Subscription for Advertiser/Sign Owner Management Option Available
  • 100,000 Hours Mean Time Life. 12 Months Standard Manufacturer Warranty

Videowalls (indoor)

Curved LED

Stock Tickers

Billboards (Outdoor)

LED Cubes

Retail Screens


Portable Trailers

Digital Blade Signs

Transparent LED

Commercial LCD

School Signs