Our rapidly changing world is based primarily on the changes brought about by digital technology, the availability of the internet and the convergence of these technologies with mobile and hand-held computing.

Transition of sign

The speed of communication has never been quicker. The emergence of brands and products comes and goes as never before. The reach of advertising is far greater and has never been more immediate.

As brands consolidate, the need to communicate effectively and efficiently over shorter time periods and to larger audiences has never been more acute. Marketing and advertising budgets have grown accordingly. The message is out. Simply, “Get the Message Out”.

Traditional signs can no longer keep pace with the constant change in brands, products and services and the need to integrate electronically with fast-paced advertising campaigns. Costs involved in repeatedly changing signs is now a major accounting consideration. The need to keep signs looking fresh has never been more important to a consumer market geared to branding excellence. Return on investment of every company asset including signs is now critical in high volume, low margin business strategy.

Franchise operations must drive more customers to their stores with ever new products and pricing campaigns communicated across all franchise locations at once. Individual store owners must now promote their products, not just their name. Name and brand are important, but its products and prices that really get the sales. National advertisers need to be in more places in front of more consumers. Quickly and more often.

Marketing and advertising campaigns must be tied into sign strategy, so that store locations can leverage and respond immediately to the momentum of instantaneous promotions in social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram and the like. The moment it’s on Facebook, it’s on the store signs. That’s impressive. That sells.

One World LED signs SHOW MORE. SELL MORE. This is the future of sign. Patented, advertising quality LED systems that respond to the demands and immediacy of the digital economy. LED signs that change in an instant from just one location to many locations, from the local store or from across the globe. LED signs that get more customers through the doors, or recognising products and brands that have consumers clicking on web-sites using mobile phones whilst out of home.

Sign and advertising companies have enormous potential to reap the amazing benefits from this emerging digital sign economy.

The transition to digital sign is not the end of the sign industry. It is the beginning of a sign revolution. Only the sign principles that can grasp the future, resource their companies appropriately and can identify the emergence of new advertisers and sign owners, will gain the most benefit.

As the emerging digital sign market gets more digital sign owners selling more product and/or earning more from digital advertising revenue, there will be considerable opportunity for business growth. Especially with sign or advertising businesses that gain the digital display and advertising experience quickly.

Let One World LED help you build that experience through a committed relationship with Australia’s only wholly owned LED designer, engineer and manufacturer/wholesaler.

If you think you’re a sign or advertising principle who can recognise the future of sign and the transition of the sign industry to the digital economy, please click here to find out more about growing your business worth and how to join the One World LED Authorised Reseller team.