One World LED supplies its LED sign products and services by way of an Authorised Reseller agreement.

The agreement allows One World LED to provide accreditation training in our LED products and services and to provide on-going access to our Sales, Marketing and Technical resources. It also provides for on-going Level 2 support to our Authorised Resellers.

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Whilst this agreement provides for a 100SQM per year sales arrangement at One World LED we do understand that for many sign companies this can seem initially onerous. We also provide better pricing via 200SQM and 300SQM per year arrangements.

Our key determination however, is that our Authorised Resellers are actively promoting our products and services and have developed a Marketing Plan that shows how the Authorised Reseller is going to market to its existing customers and new opportunities.

Our Reseller Manager Team will assist you in developing that One World LED Marketing Plan and getting your business to develop its LED reach towards achieving our initial targets and helping you add value and growth to your business worth. Your first few signs are important. Done well, they will quickly act as visible reference sites helping to generate more One World LED business for you.

We are not about providing the cheapest LED product. We are not about one-off purchases. We are about a professional on-going business relationship where we provide the best quality LED display products at the best possible prices using a volume based manufacturing/wholesale distribution strategy. By associating digital savvy sign companies that are establishing or maintaining great customer relationships with an Australian owned and branded LED manufacturer that has significant vision for the future of visualisation technology.

That way we get One World LED display technology to our markets at an even better price point (rather than an ad hoc sales approach) whilst still retaining excellent margins for our Authorised Resellers. That’s great for One World LED. It’s great for our Authorised Resellers and it’s great for your clients.

It is important to remember that we are the designer, engineer and manufacturer of our patented LED display technology, both hardware and software. Our considerable investments in patents, software and hardware development and our own Chinese manufacturing facilities demonstrate our commitment to a significant market presence.

This also provides certainty to your clients. Certainty that we are here to support your customers over the long-term and certainty that we can assist with upgrades and updated technology over the many years of their 10 Year Mean Life Time (MLT) LED sign assets.

Our commitment to One World LED Authorised Resellers who partner with us includes:

  • Provide a One World LED Authorised Reseller Certification Certificate & Logo
  • Arrange Sales & Marketing Training with the Principal and Sales/Marketing Staff
  • One World LED Price Calculator and Price List and Catalogue Training
  • Arrange Technical, Software & Hardware Configuration Training with Related Staff
  • Provide Access to our One World LED Authorised Reseller Resource Portal for Sales, Marketing, Product and Technical Resources.
  • Sales Leads Registration and Sales Leads Referrals
  • LED Own-Use Pricing for your Business or Showroom Branding & Display
  • Provide On-Going Level 2 Support to Your Company for Your Level 1 Client Support

Join the One World LED Authorised Reseller Team today! The Future of Sign is Digital. This is a rapidly emerging market and we are keen to get you riding the success of the transition of the sign and advertising industries to the digital economy.

Contact One World LED today to discuss our Authorised Reseller Program or click here to complete our Authorised Reseller Enquiry Form. We’ll call you and send you an Authorised Reseller Kit and Agreement Form for your review.