One World LED’s vision is to assist the growth in the sign and advertising industries as these industries transition to the digital sign economy. More directly, One World LED wishes to add value and business worth to the various stakeholders in those industries.

The related stakeholders are primarily the sign and advertising companies that service the industry and their related customers (sign owners and advertisers respectively) and the LED suppliers that provide the hardware and software solutions.

One World LED stands uniquely as the only Australian owned LED designer, engineer and manufacturer/wholesaler that also develops the related advertising content management solutions so necessary for advertisers across the globe to directly transact with sign owners and investors.


Through its patented developments for LED hardware technology and the integration of cloud-based advertising content management, Adverpost with search/find and e-commerce transaction capabilities, One World LED offers its Authorised Resellers a compelling offering to satisfy the demanding requirements of the emerging digital sign industry.

One World LED offers its Authorised Resellers the following capabilities in assisting their sign and advertising businesses to successfully profit and build business worth:

  • Accreditation and Branding of One World LED Authorised Resellers
  • Lead Generation and Registration of Leads and Opportunities
  • Excellent Gross Profit Margin on Advertising Quality LED Hardware
  • Competitive Bid/Tender Pricing for Registered Authorised Reseller Project Leads
  •  Value Added Services by Authorised Resellers from LED Sales Including:

o   Fabrication and Installation Services

o   Authorised Reseller Graphic Design Services for LED Displays

o   Hardware and Software Support and Maintenance Contract Opportunities

o   Recurring Revenue Opportunities for Adverpost™ Subscriptions and Management

  • Volume Related Pricing Discounts to Further Grow Gross Profit Margins

We’ve structured One World LED to provide great pricing on advertising quality LED display technology. To quickly grow your business worth thanks to lower costs and great margins, you need to contact One World LED today and discuss becoming a One World LED Authorised Reseller.

As a sign company or advertising agency you have a captive audience of existing sign owners and advertisers. If not now, sooner than later they will be wanting to discuss the future of sign with you.

You need to be talking digital signage and digital advertising with them. You need to be able to help them with the hardware and software solutions that will help your clients also grow the value of their business as well.

Besides your existing clients, there are many more advertisers and sign owners yet to enter the digital sign market. You need to be ready to offer our great products and your services to gain a footing in this emerging market.

They will want to know how you can help them transition to the digital economy. How they can SHOW MORE. SELL MORE.

Click here to find out how to join the One World LED Authorised Reseller team and how One World LED can help your business SELL MORE. GROW MORE