One World LED. Patented Innovation that Delivers the Future of Sign

Technology and the web have rapidly changed every aspect of our lives. How we communicate branding, products and services to consumer markets has been transformed with every facet of business transitioning to the digital economy.

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Availability of wireless broadband internet and software development has seen a rapidly changing world of convergence with hardware devices such as tablets, smart-phones and mobile devices. This is now true for the traditional sign industry where an exciting new era of digital hardware display signs and advertising technology solutions converge to revolutionise the industry.

One World LED is a world leader in patented visualisation and virtualisation technologies designed to deliver superior digital LED hardware displays that support the latest in digital media and web enabled advertising solutions.


Whether your sign or advertising customers are an own brand small/medium enterprise, franchise operation or a national brand corporation, One World LED and its Authorised Resellers have a solution to suit their transition to indoor or outdoor digital sign. From basic single shop displays supporting own brand requirements, through to large format digital bill-boards specifically built for advertising revenue, One World LED Resellers with support from One World LED guide their customers through the design and implementation processes of their LED projects.

With the Out-of-Home (OoH) advertising market showing resilience in the toughest of economic conditions, it is clear the OoH market will gain significantly with the digital revolution One World LED and its partners are forging in the advertising industry.

Managing advertising content for large format out-door bill boards is now “set and forget” thanks to the patented technologies of One World LED and its Adverpost™ web based advertising platform technology.

One World LED digital LED signs allow your clients to display their brand and messages using vibrant images that at once can be static and variable through to support for animation and high definition video.

From the included LED software to manage one local sign through to web based advertising content management for a network of multiple signs and outdoor billboards, One World LED and its Authorised Resellers assist their clients with the simplest through to the most complex of digital LED sign requirements.

Now is the time for the sign and advertising industries to leverage the emerging market for digital sign and advertising.

The initial players in this emerging market will quickly gain credibility and established referral sites by working closely with One World LED as a manufacturer/wholesaler who assists them in determining the best solutions for their client LED display projects.

As those first few sites are established, they are a vibrant and noticeable reference for other opportunities. They are also potential “sponsorship sites” for our Authorised Resellers by literally advertising the Authorised Reseller in a co-operative arrangement with the sign-owner.

Click here to complete the One World LED Authorised Reseller Request Form. We will be in touch with you to discuss becoming an Authorised Reseller and how we can assist your sign and advertising clients’ transition to the digital sign economy.