For those who desire unique or custom products, rest assured we have you covered. Aside from our main stream of product lines (indoor, outdoor and showcase series) we also specialize in ‘Semi-Outdoor’ and ‘Under-Cover’ series, the specs for each are as follows:


Transparent displays have been designed for use in window-fronts or applications where transparency from inside-out or outside-in is beneficial. The LED is designed as such that allows >80% transparency. These designs are continuously evolving with the advances of the various underlying technologies. The screens can be architecturally incorporated and are used for advertising and public communication.


MF Mesh is a transparent, quick installation, easily maintained, lightweight and flexible system. Pixel pitch ranges from 30mm-160mm and is visible in daylight. Mesh products are IP67 rated, UV-resistant and designed to withstand outdoor elements, so can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. By providing a visual medium that can be scaled to any size, complete with wide-angle viewing of more than 120 degrees, there are many potential applications.


T-Bar curtain is the ideal product for high elevation facades and can be serviced from front or back. This product provides a light weight, low power consumption alternative for outdoor applications that require high through visibility and low wind-sail factor.

T-bar ranges from P7 (Vertical)/ P12.5 (horizontal) to P31.25 (Vertical/Horizontal). T-bar specifications allow for high power efficiency, and can exceed 10,000cd/m2 brightness. It is ideal for large installations with a long viewing distance, and allows for a simple installation.


The tailoring of LED screens doesn’t stop there. If you’re after something completely different, please feel free to contact us and we can discuss the potential solutions we are able to deliver. At One World, we can manufacture a screen specifically to your request, in regards to size, shape, pitch and build. However, custom design LED’s tend to cost more depending on the specifics of the situation.

Be sure to check out some custom jobs we’ve undertaken in the Projects section of our site! We’ve manufactured an LED dance floor, a completely transparent LED screen and we’ve even fitted an LED screen onto a crane to name a few!