One World LED Under-Cover digital signage series is a new addition to the One World LED range to provide improved full-colour LED options over the traditional entry-level LED displays that are typically simple “three colour text scrollers”. These products usually carry a IP65 front only ratings. See the One World LED Comprehensive LED Handbook for more details.

Full colour LED provides better resolution and enables the use of logos, images and video subject to screen sizes type of LED. The Under-Cover range can be used for both outdoor and indoor application where cover such as roofs, awnings, verandas are providing primary protection from rain and direct sun-shine.

Where viewing distance is greater and costs are a factor, the Outdoor DIP signs are an excellent choice. The One World LED Outdoor DIP LED’s using the Silan three RBG dots per globe are particularly powerful for getting through sun facing locations such as LED signs placed against showroom windows pointing to outside traffic.

The One World LED Silan SMD globes for Indoor/Semi-Outdoor are an excellent choice if graphical content is more complex and viewing distances are shorter. The SMD choice will certainly support video graphics particularly if the sign sizes are under 2 square metres.

The One World LED Under-Cover series are a cost-effective solution for sign housing structures, replacing the legacy back-lit LED sign solutions. Their simple front and back servicing is ideal when sign fabrication protects the LED component and additionally allows higher resolution SMD to be utilised particularly if the front of the sign protects the LED display from rain and water.

Currently the One World LED Under-Cover range includes:

  • P10 Outdoor 800MM x 480MM
  • P10 Outdoor 1120MM(W) x 640MM(H)
  • P10 Outdoor 1280MM(W) x 480MM(H)
  • P6 Semi-Outdoor 768MM(W) x 348MM(H)

These cabinets can be placed on top of each other, or side-by-side. Contact One World LED to discuss your LED sign projects and how our Authorise Resellers can assist.