When it comes to indoor LED screens, our product range will not disappoint. With each digital sign varying in size, design and pitch resolution, we are confident in being able to offer the perfect screen tailored to your needs.

We supply a range of pixel pitches to meet application and budget demands, from very fine pixel pitches used indoor at low viewing distances, to significantly larger pitches used for large-format screen viewed from hundreds of metres away. In our humble opinion, the P6 indoor LED solution remains the optimal choice in regards to factors such as price, viewing distance and video media content. Various indoor (SMD) sizes include:

      • 512MM x 512MM (P4)
      • 640MM x 640MM (P5)
      • 960MM x 768MM (P6)
      • 976MM x 976MM (P8)
      • 960MM x 640MM(P10)
      • Magnetic Modules (Individual Build)
      • Other/Custom Sizes

Through the utilisation of in house resources and strategic partnerships with industry suppliers we are able to provide resellers with extensive design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Products and services provided to resellers are flexible, and many of the projects delivered are highly custom. At One World LED we have proudly delivered:


        • Australia’s first magnetic indoor screen
        • Australia’s first full colour, outdoor crane LED screen
        • Australia’s first transparent LED window screen
        • Australia’s first full colour, video capable dance floor screen


Our modular cabinets are not restricted to traditional solutions. Those seeking alternative options will be interested in our highly configurable, semi-indoor/semi-outdoor magnetic solutions, that provide great flexibility when building your LED sign.


Your One World LED Indoor cabinet solutions include:


        • Silan SMD LED’s, Power Supplies and Fans, Power and Short-Lead Data Cables
        • Sturdy Steel Cabinet Build, Locking Pins and Bolts
        • Back Service Doors or Front Service Options
        • LED Software (Windows) for Asynchronous and/or Synchronous Sign Communications
        • Computer Receiving Cards for On-Line and/or Off-Line Modes
        • WiFi, 3G/USB and LED Server Options Available
        • Adverpost Subscription for Advertiser/Sign Owner Management Option Available
        • 100,000 Hours Mean Time Life. 12 Months Standard Manufacturer Warranty