January 2018 Newsletter

Adverpost officially launched

One World LED celebrated the official launch of the latest Adverpost version late last year. All users current and future, will use the platform to manage content on LCD and LED screens, for a variety of applications. The latest version overhauled the user interface and caters for future enhancements to usability and smart content management solutions. 

OWLED annual focuses and objectives

This year, OWLED continues to build and defend its intellectual property portfolio internationally. The latest technology developments concern V-commerce, soft-panel and LED system solutions. These technologies fundamentally apply to the way digital screens are managed through software, and how they operate via hardware. 

OWLED is globally recognised for its contributions to the technologies driving data and display systems and wishes to further state this claim through a successful year in 2018.

Tech Tip

This year, each monthly edition of our newsletter will include a technical tip related to the specification, installation or post-install management of anything LED related. 

This month, the software based feature of automatic brightness scheduling is discussed. Automatic brightness setting is a software based feature that many content management systems do not offer, as the feature applies to LED screens that must change brightness at different times of the day. As a general rule of thumb, LED screens operate at 90-100% of maximum brightness to counteract direct sunlight in them middle of the day. Overnight, this brightness percentage must be changed to around 20% to avoid an overpowering eye-saw. 

As well as being more visibly attractive, the correct scheduling of brightness reduces power consumption, the production of heat and improved the screens lifetime, as wear on the diodes is reduced.

Reseller Training Program

At this early stage of the year, One World is planning implementation of its training programs to Resellers around the country. Please get in contact today to discuss training, we can tailor the program to be topic specific or broader and more general. The training includes sales, marketing, structural design considerations, software operation and hardware maintenance. 

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