One World LED is pleased to announce the award of Software Control Panel for LED Screens by State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) in China. One World LED, a leading developer of visualization and virtualization technologies, today made a public announcement of the grant of the new innovation patent in China. This exciting accomplishment has sealed the One World Technology’s global leadership position in Visualization and Virtualization technology that is the foundation of the E-Commerce’s quantum leap forward to V-Commerce.

The Patent No. ZL2016122000152160 has been granted to One World Technology for inventing the software control panel systems and methods (Softpanel) used in setting the firmware and parameters information of the Flash Module Array Systems (FMAS). FAMS technology (Patent No. ZL200710171787.8) is the foundation of flash mass storage, cellular communications and the control systems of the modern LED screens used for various applications including digital signage, advertising, education and entertainment.

Director of Sales One World LED, Schumann Rafizadeh said, “this is a significant technology achievement by One World Technology of Suzhou. Its recognition by the one of the most credible State IP institutions in the world is wonderful. The addition of this significant credential to the long list of visualization and virtualization technology innovations by One World clearly reinforces our position as the global technology leader in our field.”

Schumann Rafizadeh also commented, “this award adds further support to our recent wins in United States federal court and China in prosecution of intellectual property infringements.” One World technology, products and services are designed to enable the business and the government institutions to vastly improve their public communications with their clients in the global and local markets. This real-time communication in turn helps One World LED users deliver their products and services information in real time to better meet the market needs.

About One World LED
One World LED is a South Australian company in partnership with GEMSA and its manufacturing affiliate, One World Technology of Suzhou. One World LED is established to be a leading global provider of large full colour LED digital screens technology for indoor and outdoor applications such as lobby information/advertising screens, outdoor billboards and interactive digital signs and information boards.
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About One World Technology of Suzhou
One World Technology is backed by GEMSA funding and focused on development of efficient and high-performance devices for support of virtual systems, Flash Array devices and LED solutions. One World LED of SA is a development partner with One World Technology of Suzhou as well as a number of U.S. Companies, including Flash VOS and Intel.
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