One World LED is pleased to announce the addition of Mr. James Mebberson as its new Reseller Manager.

One World LED, a leading developer of visualization and virtualization technologies, today made a public announcement of the addition of Mr. James Mebberson as its Reseller Manager.  Mr. Mebberson has more than 7 years of experience in sales, marketing and business development with technology.  James has managed direct and retail sales and brings a wealth of sales experience to ensure an exciting future for One World LED and its distributors.

Mr Mebberson commented that “I am ecstatic to find myself involved in a rapidly growing market for a company at the forefront of LED design and technology. The industry is about to be revolutionized in Australia and to say I’m excited being involved in this transition is an understatement. I look forward to my future with One World LED.”

Schumann Rafizadeh, Director of Sales, said “we welcome James to our team and look forward to James supporting and sharing his expertise and knowledge with our distributors. James’s working relationship with leaders of the business community in Australia allows us to better serve the businesses community. Our products and services will enable the SMEs as well as various levels of government to vastly improve their channel of communications with the public and communities. This real-time communication in turn helps our users deliver their products and services information to better meet the market needs.”

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