crane led press releaseOne World LED is pleased to announce the development of new LED digital signage products for high-rise cranes at construction sites.

One World LED, a leading developer of visualization and virtualization technologies, today made a public announcement of the design, development and installation of the first crane-mounted LED display products.

This exciting new product was developed in cooperation with Sky High, Morrow Cranes and the One World Technology of Suzhou. See Gallery pictures below.

Director of Sales at One World LED, Schumann Rafizadeh said “This is one of the most exciting LED display design and development projects we have been involved with for our resellers. The results prove our outstanding knowledge, experience and teamwork in solving the most challenging problems in design, manufacture and installation of LED screens including power, system miniaturization, weight and wind-sail factor. We have great hopes for Sky High and the crane industry’s application of this great advertising and branding tool.”

Trina More, Director of Sky High Branding has explained “This is a world first achievement because everyone involved said ‘yes, it can be done’ and then did absolutely everything to ensure its success. Scott Newton from Devine Construction was the first man of action when I suggested an LED display board made far more sense on the crane than a light box”. Simon took action from the start and because of that and his ‘no drama’ attitude, skill and hard work we are at the start of an exciting journey with many more to come. One World LED said they would design, manufacture and deliver the solution to us in 7 weeks and they did everything to make sure if arrived on time.

Morrow QLD manager Simon Spicer said, “we are very excited to be at the forefront of this innovation in display advertising and public message announcement and look forward to working with Sky High to further expand this area of our business.”

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