One World LED Engages Wallmanns for IP Rights Enforcement

June 3, 2021

One World LED is pleased to announce the engagement of Wallmanns, a leading Australian patent law firm, for the enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights and prosecution of our IP violators.


One World LED is the leading developer of visualization and virtualization technologies, that designs, manufactures and wholesales LED Screens, today made a public announcement of engagement of Wallmanns, a leading Australian patent law firm to protect her Intellectual Property rights against violators and to prevent sale of infringing, illegal copies and fake products by users and suppliers.


“Our innovations and technologies like Flash Module systems, Softpanel and Adverpost have become the dominant platforms for LED screens and we intend to fully protect our intellectual property rights in our markets” said, Mr. Rafizadeh, the director of One World LED in Australia. 

We have every intention to cooperate with our technology users to properly license our technologies. “The last thing we want is to disrupt SME’s business at this difficult economic time. However, failure to enforce our rights is a tantamount to support of dodgy suppliers and fake products suppliers who end up harming our Australian technology companies, end-users and the SMEs who may lack technical know-how to protect themselves and to avoid illegal and fake products. 


For a complete list of patents please refer to One World LED website to review One World LED Patent Primer documents or use Google Patents to learn more about One World patents.


About One World LED

One World LED has been recognized as one of The Most Advanced Digital Signage Solution Providers by Asia Pacific News Headlines. With One World Technology of Suzhou and One World LED USA, One World LED continues to lead the global Digital Signage Technology and Innovation. One World LED is established to be a leading global provider of large full colour LED digital screens for indoor and outdoor applications such as video walls, advertising screens, outdoor billboards and interactive digital signs and information boards. One World LED products include ShowScreens, Show&Sell, Showcases, Adverpost and E2V.

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One World Technology is backed by GEM Capital funding and focused on development of efficient and high-performance devices for support of virtual systems, Flash Array devices and LED solutions. One World LED of SA is a development partner with One World Technology of Suzhou as well as a number of U.S. Companies, including Flash VOS and Intel.

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