One World LED Delivers the Largest Tilted Screen in Australia

25 November 2019

One World LED is pleased to announce the completion of Indoor and outdoor multimedia screen projects at the new Civic Center in Australia in cooperation with our partners.


One World LED, a leading developer of visualization and virtualization technologies, today made a public announcement of the design, development, delivery and installation of the first P8 Tilted outdoor Multimedia SMD in Australia. This product sets a new record for light-weight, high resolution, high brightness and low power consumption outdoor multimedia displays and complements Civic Centre’s state-of-the-art hub facility.


The outdoor screen was engineered, built and installed to meet the architectural design requirements of Salisbury Council’s new Hub Building and Hanson & Yuncken, developer, in cooperation with One World LED partner, Suzhou One World Technology. This tilted installation sets a new multimedia screen standard for outdoor communication and entertainment where real-time multimedia presentations for both short and long-distance viewing in sun-facing applications.

Civic Centre’s 50-SQM Outdoor Multimedia Screen

Indoor Civic Centre High-Resolution Corner Screen

Manager of Partner Sales at One World LED, James Mebberson said “This is another exciting installation where we have exceeded user and partner’s expectations. The results prove our leading-edge technology, unmatched expertise and teamwork with our partners in delivering the most advanced custom solution, design, manufacture and install of large multimedia LED screens. We have great hopes for this industry that we have pioneered.”


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About One World LED


One World LED is a South Australian joint venture resulting from American funding provided by GEMSA and its manufacturing affiliate, One World Technology of Suzhou. One World LED is established to be a leading global provider of large full colour LED digital screens for indoor and outdoor applications such as lobby information/advertising screens, outdoor billboards and interactive digital signs and information boards.


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About One World Technology of Suzhou


One World Technology is backed by GEMSA funding and focused on development of efficient and high-performance devices for support of virtual systems, Flash Array devices and LED solutions. One World LED of SA is a development partner with One World Technology of Suzhou as well as a number of U.S. Companies, including Flash VOS and Intel.


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