semioutdoormoduleSemi-Outdoor LED is suitable when located in buildings, arenas and shopping centres partially protected from outdoor weather conditions and filtered or shaded sun-light is directly affecting the display. Aquatic centres, education assembly areas, hotel beer-gardens are also ideal applications for semi-outdoor LED.

One World LED high resolution semi-outdoor display cabinets will certainly impress. Brilliant displays will promote your text, graphics, images and video and web or TV streaming media using the included LED software.

One World LED’s use of Silan LEDs makes an important difference. The reduced need to drive your display brightness as hard where sun-light is ever present means less energy demand and longer-life of the LEDs. After years of use, it is important that your display is as crisp and vibrant as your first use.

In appropriate areas and locations, the larger the screen size, the more impressive the display and thus the effectiveness of your presentations and advertising.

Click here to see some of the typical applications for One World LED Semi-Outdoor displays

Semi-Outdoor LED uses Surface Mounted Diode (SMD) LEDs due to low sun-light conditions and are typically provided in resolutions from P6 to P10 due to closer viewing distances, although it is possible to manufacture extremely fine resolutions from P1.

Semi-Outdoor LED cabinet doors are sealed at the back to prevent from moisture and condensation, and light mist. The front of the displays have “eye-brows” over each LED to partially filter sun-light.

One World LED Semi-Outdoor LED displays are:

  • Brighter and More Vibrant
  • Energy Efficient
  • Longer LASTING (MTL of 100,000 Hours)
  • Durable for Dismantling and Relocation
  • Modular and Seamless when Making Screen Bigger

Contact a One World LED Authorised Reseller to find out more about Semi-Outdoor LED signs and applications. Also refer to One World LED’s Comprehensive Handbook for details of various LED technologies and One World LED’s patents and partnerships that form the foundation of leading-edge technologies for billboards and digital signage products.