outdoor ledOutdoor LED and digital signage has been designed to withstand strong sun-light and weather conditions including heat and rain.

The rapid emergence of the digital economy and broadband internet will see dramatic changes for the “out-of-home” advertising market. The ability to change signs with software, combined with the lower costs of full-colour LED displays, will see more sign owners investing in outdoor digital signs and bill-boards, attracting even more advertisers who can now afford to advertise using the digital platform over traditional bill-boards operated and controlled by agency conglomerates.

One World LED high resolution outdoor display cabinets will certainly impress both advertisers and sign owners alike. Brilliant displays will promote your text, graphics, images and video and web or TV streaming media using the included LED software.

In appropriate areas and locations, the larger the screen size, the more impressive the display and thus the effectiveness of your presentations and advertising.

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Outdoor LED uses Dual In-Line Packaging (DIP) LEDs (1R1G1B or 2R 1G1B individual LEDs) technology with outdoor LED able to “punch through” the brightest of sun conditions.

It is here that One World LED’s use of Silan LEDs makes an important difference. The reduced need to drive your display as hard during the day means less energy demand and longer-life of the LEDs. Where sun-light conditions are extreme, the decision to use One World LED Silan LEDs will be vital to ensure your advertising message and branding continue to deliver great results. After years of use, it is important that your display is as crisp and vibrant as your first use.

Typically provided in resolutions from P6 to P10 due to closer viewing distances, although it is possible to manufacture extremely fine resolutions from P1.

Outdoor LED cabinet doors are sealed at the back to reduce the effects of dust and rain with air vents angled downwards. The outdoor cabinet range is designed to withstand the full impact of water/rain at the front with resin soaked modules and is rated at IP (Ingress Protection) 65 front and 54 rear.

One World LED Outdoor LED displays and digital signage are:

  • Brighter and More Vibrant thanks to Silan LED’s
  • Energy Efficient
  • Longer LASTING (MTL of 100,000 Hours)
  • Durable for Dismantling and Relocation
  • Modular and Seamless for Bigger Screen Upgrades

Contact a One World LED Authorised Reseller to find out more about Outdoor LED signs and applications. See the One World LED Comprehensive LED Handbook for more details.