One World LED prides itself in providing the very best pricing for quality, high resolution and full colour LED display hardware for the sign industry.

We focus on small/medium LED display solutions through to large format bill-board and stadium display solutions. The future of sign is digital and a key performance indicator will be the success of increased sales activity through focus on impressive digital LED signs.


One World LED is able to spread its business risk across its entire chain supply. From design and engineering through manufacturing ownership and through to our international sales markets, One World LED is able to provide highly competitive pricing.

One World LED provides bulk LED display pricing to its Authorised Resellers so that the sign industry can purchase quality One World LED displays solutions for their customers transitioning to the digital economy. The sign industry will have One World LED as an Australian owned and branded LED supplier to work with. Not a retailer who simply imports, does not declare brand and who competes with them in the same sign market.

The branding statement is important. It declares One World LED as the manufacturer of the LED display systems and provides confidence that he manufacturer is actively promoting brand and value added relationships for the sign industry. It further acknowledges the considerable investments One World LED places in the digital LED sign industry and the long-term view it has for the high resolution advertising quality market.

Our business strategy is simple. Rather than bearing the costs of re-inventing a retail presence and handling the volume of direct sales including related sales and marketing costs, it makes sense to work efficiently with the sign industry who already service the sign consumer market. Sign companies are experienced in sign solutions including installation and fabrication. They also have the graphical design teams that easily transition to digital LED display systems.

By focusing on the sign industry and selling our LED sign systems by wholesale to the trade, we can concentrate on volume production in our manufacturing facilities. This keeps manufacturing efficient and it keeps costs per unit low.

One World LED will not be beaten on price for product that is of the same specification. One World LED supports its Authorised Reseller network with pricing that is immediately competitive.

Contact One World LED to find out how we can assist you with your next digital LED display solution.

Should you wish to get a quote from a One World LED Authorised Reseller please click here to complete our Request for Quote Form. We will have a One World LED Authorised Reseller contact you.

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