The key consideration for sign owners is that their signage provides excellence in branding and advertising and ultimately increases their sales.


We know that digital LED signage provides a far stronger method of delivery of brand and advertising thanks to the vibrancy of the sign, frequency of change and tailored messaging to suit seasons, local community trends and passers-by.

This is particularly so when sign owners invest in quality, full colour and high resolution LED signs that portray sharper images of product and services over non-descript “text scrollers”.

Getting more traffic to your location and stores is the ultimate objective and a well implemented One World LED sign strategy will go a long way to achieving this. This includes your LED selection process and how well you design you sign communications.

Your One World LED sign investment can be returned quickly through consideration of the following factors:

Long Life Sign Asset

Your One World LED digital sign has a Mean Time Life of some 10 years. That’s why it is important to get the resolution and size correct, especially resolution because you can always grow the sign later thanks to the modularity of our cabinet designs.

You will be able to change the sign often during that time, being a software driven display system. This means ROI is excellent because you need only change the graphics and not change or replace traditional sign hardware and materials over many years because of fading due to external elements.

Software Driven Solution

Sign costs are reduced through the use of the included LED sign software such as Adverpost to change branding, advertising and product announcements. Effectively, you have an LED display screen that allows you to design and manage your own content over the life of the sign.

Rather than replacing faded and legacy signage your vibrant, high resolution One World LED sign will continue to provide many years of ability to effectively advertise your latest products and services. This reduces sign costs. It also helps you to sell more products because you can promote images of your latest products and advertise special daily or monthly promotions.

Your sign is always fresh, keeping your customers interested and informed.

Use of Images, Video and Messaging

Show More. Sell More. It’s as simple as that.

Showing your products and services using pictures and where possible, video, will attract more interest. Consumers today respond far better to great product images, rather than lots of text. “A picture is worth a thousand words” has never meant more with our “switched on” generations.

Your One World LED high resolution digital sign provides the ability to place images, video and smart messaging to attract more customers. A well thought out plan of LED sign size using quality resolution will help to generate more sales through better branding and advertising.

Share More of Your Digital Marketing Assets Across LED Sign Assets

You’ve spent a good sum of money on your digital branding, marketing, web-site and social or paper advertising assets. Now you can easily format and use those graphics and branding on your One World LED digital signs. This helps improve return on investment by being able to spread your digital branding resources across digital signage, including video media such as YouTube marketing resources.

Drive More Customers to Your Store and Locations

Great digital signage should deliver more customers to your stores, locations and web-sites. That is a key performance indicator of any sign solution. The more customer spend, the greater the return on investment for your sign dollars.

One World LEDs cost-effective solutions for larger, full colour and higher resolution LED displays will help drive better return on investment because of the effective visual communication you are displaying to your target audience.

The ability to use pictures and images of staff on location, products, special for the day are all important methods of engaging with your target audience.

Ensure your digital LED sign communications are attention grabbing (but not distracting) through the use of quality images formatted to suit your sign resolution, cleverly design “advertising loops” with small amounts of text and good product and services imaging.

Your LED sign communication can change according to traffic (passers-by or auto) for peak and off-peak periods, seasons such as winter and summer, and retail opportunities such as Christmas, Fathers Day and Mother’s Day.

Remind passers-by that there are just a few days prior to important family events, or perhaps the latest jackpot for lotteries. It’s all a way of visually communicating important and relevant information that impresses your audience and gets them to your location to spend more.

Supplier Sponsored Advertising Revenue Opportunity

Many sign owners can take the opportunity to have their sign incorporated into their suppliers marketing strategy, thanks to the internet and digital sign technology. This increases the brand awareness of the brands being sold at the location, supplier promotions and how the sign owner or franchise provide the personalised and local skills at the location in support of the brands.

This is referred to as “supplier sponsored brand advertising”. With a good sized sign, in a good location, this provides sponsorship opportunity for the sign owner. For the marketing brand it better integrates brand and service and provides a far more compelling reason to purchase the brand at the location. Great brands and excellent local service are powerful advertising statements.

Your local One World LED Authorised Reseller has been chosen because they have always provided great graphical skills with traditional signage.

They are the perfect sign partner for your One World LED displays, combing their quality service standards and digital graphical skills to dramatically lift your return on investment in One World LED signs by driving better brand awareness, professional looking displays and more customers to your location. Contact a One World LED Authorised Reseller today.

Third Party Advertising Revenue Opportunities

As advertising opportunity for major brands shifts from print and television media due to the ever changing technology of smart devices, smart TVs (that can skip advertisements) and internet movie channels, advertisers are now acutely aware of the need to advertise more frequently on outdoor screens.

This is especially so as brands consolidate (bigger advertising budgets) and new emerging brands enter an advertising savvy market particularly responsive to digital and highly visual communication. And are demanding of instant messaging of new brands.

This also corresponds with the shift to outdoor (and indoor) LED sign technology and it is here that One World LED excels with an industry “revolution” in cloud-based advertising content management.

Whilst the included LED software is excellent for programming you One World LED display, it is another to attract advertisers across the globe and to manage not only the media and scheduling but the automation of payments between advertisers and sign investors.

One World LED’s Adverpost solution revolutionises the advertising industry by connecting more advertisers (who traditionally could not afford or even advertise on bill-boards) to more sign investors (thanks to the reduced costs of LED display systems) in more places.

Advertisers can search and find One World LED signs throughout the cloud and across the globe, registering as advertisers with sign owners, determining fee schedules and uploading advertising media for approval with the sign owner. Payments are automated through an e-commerce gateway built into Adverpost. There is no need to pay exorbitant fees for media and agency handling, as this is done electronically in Adverpost by directly linking advertisers to sign investors using today’s cloud-based technology.

This makes third party advertising extremely attractive to sign owners. Very much an emerging trend with initial regulatory pressures but it is simply not realistic to ignore the future of digital advertising and sign.

The ability to change signs (and especially large and high-rise billboard signs) easily using software instead of print production and physical logistics dramatically ads to the improvement in return on investment for sign owners.

This enables digital signs to rotate advertisers more frequently (in some cases every thirty seconds) and provides yet again improved return on investment. Whilst advertising costs for advertisers are reduced there can be far more advertisers.  Especially for the small and medium business market that has been traditionally locked out of bill-board advertising.

Click here to find further information on Adverpost, or click here to contact One World LED to have a chat about Adverpost and how our Authorised Reseller team can assist you with One World LED display hardware and the combined Adverpost solution.