Viewing Distance, Angle and Height

The viewing distance is a critical factor when determining the best pitch to use for your typical audience for the led signs.

The further away from the sign, the lower the resolution (higher pitch of the led sign) is possible. Then it is the size of the led sign that will matter. Too far away and a small sign will be difficult to read. There is a balance between distance and led sign resolution and pitch.

Height creates viewing distance as well. The same statements for distance also apply to height such as led signs placed at the top of high rise buildings, road-side billboards at elevated heights or shopping centre pylon signs.

One World LED signs have excellent viewing from quite low side angles. This is important where audiences are spread wider than the immediate view to the sign. This applies equally to passing foot traffic and vehicular traffic. Examples may be school assemblies, music or sports events and beer gardens.

Pythagoras theory helps us to determine optimal balance between sign height/distance and the size of an led sign.

In summary, the length of a sign squared, plus the width of a sign squared, provide a diagonal measurement. Get the square root of that diagonal measurement. Then multiply it by a factor of 5 metres for the shortest optimal distance, and 20 metres for the longest optimal difference.

Refer to One World LED Design Primer and Architecture Primer documents for more information.

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