Media & Communications Considerations

What type of message do you wish to display? Pictures, Text, Video? Outdoor or Indoor?


Outdoor LED signs cater for longer distances and thus higher LED pitch may be considered as opposed to an indoor requirement. Our discussion on LED pitch tells us that would be a lower resolution . . . but . . . because

distance is greater then the perception of resolution also changes. More about that when we discuss LED viewing distance . . .

Small signs under 1SQM are typically great for text and One World LED full-colour displays are just as cost-effective as simpler three-colour “text-message only” signs, with the added advantage that when you grow the size of your sign to provide for graphics and video, you have not wasted your investment. Rather than text only capability (only a small number of lines of text), you can use more text and control font-size better with a full-colour LED displays.

We say “A Picture is a Thousand Words” and this is true. Pictures of products help passers-by connect to your product sales strategy. Pictures stimulate demand and help people imagine the use of the product, or situations, not just an unfamiliar name with price.

One World LED full-colour outdoor displays for images will display better using panel sizes greater than 1SQM with the ability to use pictures and text (pricing), larger fonts (keep the text minimal) with multiple brand and product image strategy possible.

Video provides an even more compelling form of visual communication, especially on larger screens where appropriate. Regulatory controls on transport corridors can be restrictive with regard to video and we do advise you consult with your One World LED Reseller on what is considered best use in your jurisdiction.

Some great uses for outdoor LED signs that achieve great results with video and are not impacted by regulatory controls are sports stadiums, aquatic centres, parks, golf-courses, and in many jurisdictions, outdoor LED signs placed against windows from inside to display to outdoor passers-by and traffic. Here the outdoor LEDs are powerful enough to withstand sun facing light over regular indoor LED which has an expectation of no direct light. There is also less regulatory requirement as the sign is not placed outdoor or road-side.



Typical applications for semi-outdoor LED include under-cover (but not indoor) beer gardens, event management conferences and exhibitions, school and college assemblies, council chambers, hotel or shopping centre atriums, transport concourses and the like.

Here it is likely that there are no regulatory restrictions, your viewing audiences are expecting video or TV streaming, on-camera presentations and the viewing distances are likely to be closer. Your branding and messaging opportunity is far better and will offer powerful messaging and communication.

Now you can give consideration to the full use of videos, youtube commercials and presentations, web-site streaming and more. You will be able to use more of your digital marketing assets.

The screen size becomes less relevant with panels of under 1SQM easily able to display video. Distance and height will still matter but size consideration will be more to do with the size of audiences.

One World LED for semi-outdoor utilises the finer three-in-one SMD leds and thanks to their silan manufacture are brighter where some sun-light is ambient during the day whilst under cover and less energy demanding and have great longevity for continual video use.

With distance closer and resolution higher by using lower pitch, comparison with LCD TV’s is not unusual. What matters then is the realistic size of your audience and thus the screen size, longevity and durability, energy use and modularity.


Indoor LED Displays and Digital Signs

Similar to semi-outdoor LED but with less need to protect from sun-light or rain. The pitch, viewing distance and resolution factors tend to be similar as well, with more consideration given to the likelihood of closer audiences within perhaps a retail shop space or hotel lobby. For more details, refer to One World LED Comprehensive Handbook.


Videos, pictures, graphics and text will all work great with finer (lower pitch) resolutions recommended for very close viewing distances. The size of the panel will determine how much text/message content is optimal. The larger the panel size, the better the messaging opportunity and also the “wow” factor, especially with video/TV.

Don’t forget that ceiling displays (hanging LED panels) are great to promote supplier videos especially in hardware or supermarket stores showing supplier commercials and promotional videos as well as your own TV or web-advertising, above the related aisles and departments.

Customers will connect with your web videos and TV commercials, remembering special offers and promotions and taking them straight to those products.

Supplier sponsored signs make ownership easy, and we have great cloud solutions to manage your entire advertising requirement.


So think about your branding, how effectively you wish to connect to your audience and what is the best way to sell your products and services.

Remember you have a digital led sign. You can design “loops” of media that change frequently (say every 10-30 seconds). You can “SHOW MORE. SELL MORE” as we say at One World LED. Each slide or segment of your loop should be concise taking in to account the size of led sign selected, with the series of loops being able to tell your story more effectively.

Consider the quality of communication above everything else because it is that that will make your brand and advertising far more successful.  Higher resolution (lower pitch) is best, but take viewing distance into account.

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