LED Pixel Pitch

The LED pitch refers to the distance in millimetres between each LED “dot” or pixel on the module.

The distance in millimetres between each LED dot/pixel on each tile or module is referred to as the “pitch” of the LED. The pitch of each LED determines the resolution of the module. The CLOSER the LEDs and thus the SMALLER pitch, a HIGHER RESOLUTION is the result.

led pitch


A Pitch 6MM (P6) module, will in fact be a LOWER resolution than e.g. a Pitch 4MM (P4) module. Lower Pitch = Higher Resolution. Higher Pitch = Lower Resolution.

The complexity of the circuits behind each module increases as the resolution gets higher, thus increasing costs. The choice of Silan LEDs to provide better brightness and longevity also adds to that cost but this is surely outweighed in the long term by driving better return on investment for long life sign assets and superior advertising and branding communication.

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