LED Quality

One World LED differentiates itself in the high resolution, full colour LED display market by selecting the very best of components, to ensure high quality visual communication displays.  Power supplies and fans are all highly rated to ensure minimal service. Refer to One World LED Design Primer for more details.

The choice of LED globes for a manufacturer is important, as with a 100,000 hours Mean Time Life (MTL) of LED cabinets, brightness reduction (attenuation) of LED globes/modules must be as minimal as possible (but is subject to whiteness saturation of display content over many years).

One World LED uses Silan LED globes in its manufacturing processes. Silan LEDs provide the optimal choice when considering price, longevity, brightness and energy use. Silan LEDs are generally 35% brighter (and thus require less energy to drive brightness) and have around 35% better longevity over regular generic LEDs.

An excellent discussion on the difference between LED globe manufacturers supporting the reasoning of why One World LED selected Silan LEDs can be found at:

Whilst Silan LEDs add a certain “premium” to our costs, One World LED remains highly competitive because our business risk is spread across our ownership in design, engineering and manufacturing facilities in China, through to our international sales markets.

Your branding, image and advertising content should never be compromised. Your sign is your visual communication link to your market and customers. What you display, and how you display it, will matter for many years.

One World LED through its Authorised Reseller channel focuses on delivering high quality advertising displays to provide its sign customers with the very best of balance of price, longevity and visual quality.

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