LED Modules


LED modules are the minimum component, and are essentially “tiles” of LED globes (commonly referred to as dots or pixels) attached to computer circuit boards, similar to those found in a computer box.

The distance in millimetres between each LED dot/pixel on each tile or module is referred to as the “pitch” of the LED. The pitch of each LED determines the resolution of the module. The CLOSER the LEDs and thus the SMALLER pitch, a HIGHER RESOLUTION is the result. Thus:

A Pitch 6MM (P6) module, will be a LOWER resolution than e.g. a Pitch 4MM (P4) module.

Now we design the module size, according to the pitch and the desire to have an optimal module size for the smallest to the largest of applications.  P8 outdoor module for
high resolution displays may be designed to have 32 dots wide, and 16 dots high. If each dot is 8MM apart, then the module is 32 dots x 8mm wide by 16 dots x 8mm high. The dimension of each module is thus 256MMwide x 128MM high.
The higher the resolution (or the lower the pitch/closeness of the LEDs) the more expensive the LED system is due to the increased number of LED globes on the module and the supporting computer circuitry behind the module.

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