There are two types of LED globes that are used in One World LED display systems:

SMD (Surface Mount Device)

SMD LED’s are used for Indoor and Semi-Outdoor LED display systems where closer viewing distances are typical and thus higher resolution (closer pitch) is required, and the environment is protected from direct sunshine. SMD LED’s group the THREE primary colours of Red, Blue and Green together into ONE LED globe and are flat to the surface of the LED module they are placed on.

DIP (Dual In-Line Package)dip

DIP LED pixels/dots have the three primary colours of Red, Blue and Green (sometimes 2 Red) as SEPARATE globes (1R1B1G or 2R1B1G), combined into one LED or dot/pixel, thus a “package” of LED.

DIP LED is more robust and is used for dedicated outdoor applications, as it is far more powerful against the sun using three LED separate globes. The DIP resolutions are typically P8 and higher as viewing distances are generally greater outdoors.

DIP LED’s are packaged onto circuit boards that are sunk in resin (and thus outdoor LED is heavier) at the front with the DIP LEDs connected by fine wires through the resin, for protection against water and rain. Refer to One World LED Design Primer for more details.

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