LED Cabinets

2 Cabinet Back Serviceable CloseupAn LED cabinet is made up of matrix of LED modules. One World LED produces standard cabinet sizes, or it can customise cabinets based on the minimum of a module.

The LED modules are connected to each other, and similar to a computer box, power supplies and cooling fans are attached to complete the design of a cabinet.

A typical P8 Outdoor (DIP) cabinet designed and manufactured by One World LED is the 1M (1024MM) Wide x 1M (1024MM) High cabinet. This is made up of:

4 x P8 Outdoor (DIP) Modules Wide = 4x256MM=1024MM
8 x P8 Outdoor (DIP) Modules High = 8x128MM=1024MM
Power Supplies, Fans and Computer Receiving Card
Cabinet Casing and Back-Service Doors (Sealed)

The LED system is affixed in a cabinet that is designed to provide locating holes and mounts so that cabinets can also be connected to each other. These locating mounts also allow sign fabricators to position LED cabinets into supporting sign poles and structures.

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