Features & Benefits of One World LED Screens and Digital Signs

One World LED focuses on quality full-colour and high resolution advertising display systems for the sign industry in Australia and its overseas markets.

One World LED uses the highest quality components in its manufacture of LED signs to ensure minimal servicing requirements for this long-term sign asset.

One World LED Corporate Features and Benefits include:

Corporate FeaturesBenefits
Australian Owned Design, , Developer & Manufacturer of Advertising Quality LED SolutionsOn-Shore Operations for Design, Engineering and Chinese Manufacture at One World LED Technology Suzhou China. Improved Pricing through Spread of Risk Across Complete Supply Chain.
International Patents for One World LED Display Hardware and Software TechnologiesFuture Proofing of One World LED Products and Services and Upgrade Paths for Customers. Demonstration of Investment and Commitment to the Digital Sign Industry and the Future of Visualization Communications.
 One World LED Investment in Australian Design Engineering and Smart Manufacturing One World LED is Investing Considerable Capital into the Creation of Australian Jobs & Resources in the Development of Visualisation Technologies
 Only Australian Owned & Branded LED Wholesaler and Manufacturer Pride in Brand, Product and Services. Marketing of Brand Demonstrates Long Term Commitment to Resellers and their Clients. Branded LED Installs Confidence in Purchase and After Sales Service.
 One World LED Authorised Reseller ProgramDemonstration of Commitment to Provide Excellence in Products and Services through an Accredited Reseller Program that Recognizes and Maintains the Relationship with Sign Customers and their Sign Suppliers.
 Integrated LED Hardware and Software Developer Development of Cloud-Based Digital Sign Advertising and LED Hardware Solutions from the Same Team at One World LED Ensures Strategic Compatibility and Improved Productivity in Sign Management.
 Strategic Relationships with Government and Industry Forging an Understanding of the LED Sign and Advertising Markets with Federal, State and Local Government and Sign and Advertising Agencies
 Value Add Proposition for Resellers & Sign Companies One World LEDs Vision is to Empower the Sign Industry as Sign Transitions to the Digital Economy. One World LED Helps to Add Value Through Sales of LED Products and Services for the Emerging Digital Sign and Advertising Industries.

One World LED products and services are designed, engineered and built to suit the most demanding of circumstances.

See the One World LED Comprehensive LED Handbook for more details.

We “smart manufacture” with design, engineering, administration and ownership based in Australia, and produce product off-shore in our own facilities in China to ensure we can deliver the quality high resolution led signs at highly competitive pricing.

Our Authorised Reseller strategy ensures there is a strong customer relationship with organisations well experienced in the sign industry for sales, installation and on-going service.

One World LED supports its Authorised Resellers to assist with your LED projects from concept to installation and as this is a manufacturer relationship, the ability to customise and work on special project requirements is easily handled.

Some of the great features and befits of One World LED sign technology:

Product FeaturesBenefits
High Quality LED ComponentsLess Servicing. Longer Life. High Rating Power Supplies and Cooing Fans.
Best LEDs for Approx 35% Better BrightnessExcellent for Brighter Outdoor Conditions. Retain Vibrancy in the Strongest of Sunlight.
Best LEDs for Approx 35% Better LongevityUse Less Energy for Brighter Display.  Ensure longer life of LEDs. Better ROI on LED sign.
Sturdy ConstructionSteel or Aluminum Cabinets Withstand Rugged Use and Mobility.
Ingress Protection IP65/54Sealed Cabinets and Design to Protect from Water, Rain, Heat and Dust to IP65/54.*
Viewing Angle & DistanceExcellent Viewing from Narrowest of Side Angles and Viewing Distances.*
Custom Cabinet ManufactureOne World LED Resellers can Arrange Custom Solutions for Special Projects with One World LED Manufacturer.
More LED Dots for Your DollarHigher Resolution is More Dots. We Won’t Be Beaten on Same/Same Specifications!
No Import or Customs HeadachesOne World LED Handles all the Importing and Customs Headaches. Costs are Included in Our Competitive Pricing!
Software Solutions for LED Displays. One-Way and Two-Way Async/Sync Solutions.Included in Our Competitive Pricing. Easy to Use Localised Media Management of Display Loops.
Variety of Communications SolutionsDirect Cabled, Secure WiFi Connectivity and Remote 3G/USB Options
Future Generation Cloud Based Advertising Management and E-Commerce SolutionsAdverpost Compatibility Ensures More Advertisers Can Find More Sign Investors Easily on the Web, Automating Advertising Payments and Revenue for Excellent ROI on One World LED signs.

Contact a One World LED Authorised Reseller today to discuss your LED sign projects. Contact One World LED for further assistance.

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