LED Stock Ticker

LED Stock Tickers grant users the ability to display real-time information on their LED screen, with the advantage of easily manipulated content. Stock tickers are not a new requirement, in fact they were one of the earliest forms of digital communication that transmitted stock price information from about 1870 until 1970. The technology of today allows for faster, more effective, more up to date and easier identifiable information.

LED Stock Tickers require cutting edge solutions in terms of both the hardware and software running the entire system. For visually attractive, real-time, automatically obtained stock data; our Adverpost™ system can extract and present the data on high resolution, full colour OWLED hardware.

The stock ticker delivered by Programmed Electrical Technologies (PET) is a world class solution that showcases the latest in hardware and software innovation that meet the demands of education and government institutions that want to display relevant, real-time data.