Shopping Centres and Retail Precincts

Shopping centres and retail precincts are all about retail sales. Their survival relies on attracting customers to stores and spending consumer dollars at those locations.

A vibrant and busy shopping precinct with great traffic flow is a sign of retail success with branding, marketing and advertising all performing a key part of that retail success.

It is critical, especially in a competitive retail precinct, to have signage that cuts above the rest of the competition. Signage that SHOWS MORE. SELLS MORE. Only digital LED signs can do that. Because they literally show more, helping you to sell more.

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Pictures of your products, price catalogues, spot specials, product launches, seasonal promotions, video/YouTube launches will all grab attention and help drive customers to your stores and locations. Digital advertising media that can be programmed in an instant, scheduled, or updated by suppliers locally or over the web make your signs attractive at all times, always engaging with your immediate audience rather than tired signs that say little, mostly relying on expensive advertising on other media elsewhere.

It is here that One World LED signs can certainly help. Brighter, more cost effective LED signs that can be made larger ensure your message will stand out. Brighter thanks to our LED technology. Larger because you can afford more square metres thanks to our great pricing.

Retailers will love the ability to advertise not only their brand statements, but their latest products and specials on either central shopping centre displays in malls, or shop specific signs either at the store location or amongst the tenancy way-finders seen from the car-parks.

Shopping centre management, at the location or from interstate property manager offices, can manage many shopping centres signs including the main pylon signs advertising the brands at the shopping centre, seasonal themes that can count-down the days to Christmas or Mother’s Day, latest Lottery jackpots, even available retail lease opportunities.

One World LED Showcase products, outdoor LED signs and indoor or semi-outdoor LED signs will help showcase tenants and products and help to keep shopping centre precincts vibrant, exciting and most importantly, increasing consumer spend.

Our Adverpost™ advertising content management solution certainly helps to manage one or more signs over the cloud, scheduling product launches simultaneously across all your stores and franchise locations. Where applicable, Adverpost™ can also advertise your sign and attract advertisers to the sign particularly the major brands established at the location. Local businesses, community events, government advertising are all ways of attracting advertising revenue or keeping local community informed. This enables a far quicker return on investment with advertising revenue quickly off-setting the cost of your One World LED digital sign investments.

Sign costs are dramatically reduced, because software simply changes the signs as required. No “up and down” costs. No fading of signs. More traffic is driven to the location because both tenancy brand and their products can be advertised, themed to suit any season and to remind customers of special retail events. Return on investment in One World LED digital signs is improved because more traffic is driven to the location, increasing shopper spend. This in turn increases retail lease vales with happier tenants and shopping centre values are increased through greater traffic volumes and resulting consumer spend.

Shopping centres will have little or no council restrictions with signage, enabling the use of the higher resolution LED products that support video and pictures. This is especially true of the indoor areas of shopping centres, atriums and under-cover surrounds. That is where you certainly have the opportunity to SHOW MORE. SELL MORE.

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