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Automotive and Marine dealerships are ideal opportunities for attractive and vibrant LED signs to help drive more customers to the auto and marine showrooms.

Using those great supplier images of new car releases, boats and yachts and special price announcements will all help to get people into the showrooms and buying your stock.


SHOW MORE. SELL MORE. One World LED signs will show more of your product range, more often.

Rather than static symbols that tire easily for passing traffic, your One World LED signs will be able to show your various products and models virtually every minute. Favourite products and especially those “hot” run-out models can be timed to peak-hour traffic flows to ensure greater impact and a more successful sales campaign.

Auto and marine dealerships have great showrooms and plenty of yard space. Maximise your sales by developing a digital sign strategy that works to get people into the location and keeps them informed at the point of sale. Types of digital signage can include:

  • Digital LED Pylon Signs. One World LED Outdoor LED Series
    These promote the car or boat brands, but provide rotation of products and models, and even daily or campaign pricing, perhaps under the manufacturer or dealership logos to keep the location branding ever present.The Finance section of the LED sign can display “low or zero” interest rates, even “today’s rate” and can be easily adjusted to suit various finance suppliers and market conditions.
  • Showroom LED Displays. One World LED Indoor LED Seriesauto 2
    Auto and marine showrooms need to have that “wow” factor for your new products and models. Take advantage of the large indoor areas with our modular indoor and energy efficient LED cabinets.Unlike outdoor, you have no council restrictions on video, so maximise the sales opportunity. Nothing stands out better than a large LED screen that displays your products in “action” using supplier videos (or even you own GoPro™ video’s).Many dealerships have great showrooms road-side or at height with great opportunity to advertise to passers-by, peak-hour traffic, or yard visitors. Large indoor display signs can be used from inside to promote to outside.When visitors are inside the showroom, imagine visitors being close-up to those “wow” interior shots, imagining themselves with your product in action on the road or in the bush, or on the water. Visually educating your audience on the safety and energy aspects also helps to build certainty of choice.Using impressive visual communication is persuasive. It helps to engage the emotional appeal in the buying process and builds confidence through a more powerful messaging statement.
  • Point of Sale (POS). LCD TV’s and One World LED Indoor LED.
    Integrating LCD TV’s for closer range viewing at point-of-sale counters or high resolution LEDs (which use less energy) helps to keep customers ever present of your brand, products and service.Service counters can display current or future service specials, product promotions and information on special extended warranties on offer.These can all be managed with One World LED Adverpost™ advertising content management solution.

Our super bright outdoor LED displays will ensure your branding and products stand-out on the brightest of days, and can be adjusted to suit ambient light conditions or time of day.

One World LED Showcase products, outdoor LED signs and indoor or semi-outdoor LED signs will help showcase your dealership products and help to keep your dealership vibrant, relevant and up-to-date and most importantly, increasing consumer spend.

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Our Adverpost™ advertising content management solution certainly helps to manage one or more signs over the cloud, scheduling product launches simultaneously across all your stores and franchise locations. Where applicable, Adverpost™ can also advertise your sign and attract advertisers to the sign particularly the major brands established at the location. Local businesses, community events, government advertising are all ways of attracting advertising revenue or keeping local community informed. This enables a far quicker return on investment with advertising revenue quickly off-setting the cost of your One World LED digital sign investments.

Sign costs are dramatically reduced, because software simply changes the signs as required. No “up and down” costs. No fading of signs. More traffic is driven to your location because both supplier brand and their products can be advertised, themed to suit any season and to remind customers of product launches.

Contact One World LED to find out more about One World LED Shopping Centre solutions.

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