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March 2018 Newsletter


Easter, March 2018 Newsletter

Transparent Display Design Update

The latest design revisions of our transparent displays are now available. The newest designs incorporate multiple significant updates:

  • Standard Size 1000×1000
  • P3.9/7.8, 7.8 and 10.42mm options
  • Colorlight control system, greater stability and easier configuration, elimination of video sending box if Adverpost is used.
  • Diode design change from SMD3806 to SMD3512. The diode is narrower and taller, brighter, allows for higher transparency and better colour reproduction from greater viewing angles.

We look forward to future projects that incorporate these designs

LCD Showcases

As right now, One World LED are excited to announce they will now be wholesaling LCD showcases, as an addition to all of LED products they currently offer their resellers. LCD Showcases are much more than a cheap alterative to their LED counterparts, they provide businesses and end users the ability to advertise their content on sleek, slim and vibrant hardware units.

Floor standing LCD showcases are commonly used in retail and shopping centre spaces as a more engaging format of content presentation than traditional wall mounted solutions. The units, available in both consumer and commercial duty cycle options, can be single or double sided, and can incorporate more advanced interface features such as a touch screen and payment facilities.

Please contact us with any further inquiries or to request further specifications.

R-Series Indoor Cabinets

The R-Series Indoor Cast Aluminium cabinets are one example of the many designs and specification options available to One World LED Resellers. These particular cabinets incorporate many cutting edge features.

  • Standard size 500x500x82mm
  • P2.9 and 3.91mm options
  • No interconnecting cables required, power and data buckle connector is built into cabinet edge
  • High precision turntable positioning for multiple angled positions: -5,-10,0,﹢5,﹢10 degrees.
  • LCD monitor on rear for critical functions (temp, voltage, operational time)
  • Front and rear maintenance
  • OWLED designed modules with high brightness, high efficiency and high reliability.

Tech Tip – Post Sales Maintenance

The sale and purchasing of LED involves an all too often overlooked responsibility. Expectations, procedure and budgeting for service and maintenance.

As technological capabilities continue to advance and shape the way we interact with people and the world around us, the systems and designs that drive these systems are often taken for granted in terms of their complexity and ongoing maintenance requirements to ensure reliable, long-term operation.

A few critical service and maintenance facts:

  • Hardware failure is far higher in a screens infancy, for the first 12 months of its service life.
  • OWLED recommends two service events per annum for screens used 24/7. Proactive maintenance inspects air flow, can identify point of ingression before they’re problematic and track other issues before they escalate to critical
  • Spare parts need to match the screen they are being used for. OWLED provides additional spares with purchases, these spares come from the same manufacturing batch and identically match in terms of colour profile, brightness and other unique characteristics.
  • Parts that have been removed from the screen with faults should be retained and returned to OWLED for repair/replacement. Warranted faults will incur no charge to rectify the fault. Misplacement or discarding of inoperable spares will leave nothing available for future service requirements, often it is impossible to source matching spares 4/5 years after a screen has been manufactured. Retaining spares is very important.
  • OWLED warranty is hardware only return to manufacturer. We expect resellers to provide service to their customers on site, and are available to provide remote assessment and diagnostic support upon request. Any request by resellers or their customers to visit site and perform labour is billable.

Please click on the primer below for further information regarding service and maintenance procedure.

Reseller Training Program

One World has an open door policy to resellers wish to partake in training. The products and technologies are continuously developing so there is always room for growth and learning. Please get in contact today to discuss training, we can tailor the program to be topic specific or broader and more general. The training includes sales, marketing, structural design considerations, software operation and hardware maintenance.

Visit our website

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February 2018 Newsletter


February 2018 Newsletter

Intellectual Property Protection and Litigation Update

One World LED is proud of the efforts of its parent corporation GEMSA, to rigorously enforce our patents, copyrights and other intellectual properties and technologies. GEMSA continues to develop and maintain our intellectual property. Over the past year GEMSA had defended a number of patents against multi-national corporations. Our patents have been through the Markman phase of patent litigation, and is currently under Inter-Parte review. Further information can be found on PTAB and on Pacer.

E2V Development in Partnership with Carswap

One World LED and Carswap have engaged in cooperative development of content management software technologies that allow automated sourcing, scheduling and playing of application specific data through Adverpost. The software that facilitates this fundamental transition in how transactions are currently performed (e-commerce) to multiparty transactions (v-commerce) is called E2V (e-commerce to v-commerce).

Carswap have successfully deployed a system that automatically extracts data for car dealerships inventory management systems, to display advertisements and promotions that facilitate the sale of cars in stock (see image below).

P6.67 2.56mW x 1.28mH Trailer displaying E2V content at Road & Track Motors, SA. 

February Tech Tip
Graphic Design for LED Content

One of the common challenges faced by LED end users is generating suitable content for LED screens. The following are key considerations that must be addressed in designing correct, impactful and powerful content.

Screen resolution and aspect ratio (the ratio of width to height)
LED screens are not mass manufactured as an integrated, consumer grade device the same as LCD screens, which are all 1920×1080 resolution (a 16:9 aspect ratio). Each project can have different pitch, height, width and resolutions. This is important to note, as content must be made for the screen to avoid stretching/warping. It’s also important to note, that to achieve a 1920×1080 resolution on a P10 LED screen, the screen would need to be 19.2 metres wide and 10.8 metres high. This would be huge, but generally outdoor screens are in the way of 200-400pixels wide by high. Content should be designed that caters to the resolution for the screen playing it, keeping in mind that a highly detailed photo with details may not be effective and is usually unnecessary. Large logos, colour and captivating text is the key to powerful and identifiable content.

The use of white in content
The use of white colours is important in design of suitable content for LED screens. White backgrounds tend to be the ‘go to’ as it is the trend with LCD screens. For LED, white backgrounds are a big no – white required the diode to activate all three colours per pixel (red, green and blue), which shortens lifespan, increases heat production and power consumption. Of course, white content is not a problem as part of an image, but fixed as a background for prolonged periods it not only damages hardware, but deters audiences from viewing the screen especially at night, where it can be very overpowering.

Colour profiles
Using colours to communication visual messages is One World LED’s cornerstone – all of our hardware is designed to display full colour, we do not supply any single/multi colour hardware. Colours close to the 3 colours within the pixel (red, green and blue) are most accurately and efficiently produced; but contrasting colours are easiest to distinguish between. A neon green next to a yellow for example, is highly ineffective. What can look fine on an LCD, does not necessarily perform well on an LED screen when sunlight is added to the mix.

Creating the content
With the above in mind, whoever is designing the content should consider what software they’re going to use to create it. Powerpoint and Paint are very accessible and familiar, but aren’t really up to the standard if users wish to utilize the capabilities of their brand new LED screen.

Adobe Illustrator (paid) is an industry level vector graphic production software package. Used by graphic designers to service multiple industries, this software has many resources, support and training videos available. This software is generally speaking, the choice for industry level graphic production

Adobe Photoshop (paid) is another highly accessible industry level graphic modification software suite. The software is better for editing, rather than producing graphics – but proficient users find the software flexible enough to serve the purpose of producing digital graphics.

Inkscape (free) is an open source vector graphics package. It is staggeringly powerful, and is the best free alternative to Adobe Illustrator for pro and semi-pro illustrators, graphic designers and web designers.

GIMP (free) is an open source graphic manipulation program, largely regarded as the ‘free Photoshop’. Many online resources are available.

Canva (free) is a web-based content creation platform. Very easy to use and highly accessible, users can choose from a large online database of backgrounds, font types and colours to produce their desired content. It’s easy to set the resolution, drag and drop then export the image for use.

Please visit One World’s Contents Primer for further information.

Visit our website


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January 2018 Newsletter

January 2018 Newsletter

Adverpost officially launched

One World LED celebrated the official launch of the latest Adverpost version late last year. All users current and future, will use the platform to manage content on LCD and LED screens, for a variety of applications. The latest version overhauled the user interface and caters for future enhancements to usability and smart content management solutions. 

OWLED annual focuses and objectives

This year, OWLED continues to build and defend its intellectual property portfolio internationally. The latest technology developments concern V-commerce, soft-panel and LED system solutions. These technologies fundamentally apply to the way digital screens are managed through software, and how they operate via hardware. 

OWLED is globally recognised for its contributions to the technologies driving data and display systems and wishes to further state this claim through a successful year in 2018.

Tech Tip

This year, each monthly edition of our newsletter will include a technical tip related to the specification, installation or post-install management of anything LED related. 

This month, the software based feature of automatic brightness scheduling is discussed. Automatic brightness setting is a software based feature that many content management systems do not offer, as the feature applies to LED screens that must change brightness at different times of the day. As a general rule of thumb, LED screens operate at 90-100% of maximum brightness to counteract direct sunlight in them middle of the day. Overnight, this brightness percentage must be changed to around 20% to avoid an overpowering eye-saw. 

As well as being more visibly attractive, the correct scheduling of brightness reduces power consumption, the production of heat and improved the screens lifetime, as wear on the diodes is reduced.

Reseller Training Program

At this early stage of the year, One World is planning implementation of its training programs to Resellers around the country. Please get in contact today to discuss training, we can tailor the program to be topic specific or broader and more general. The training includes sales, marketing, structural design considerations, software operation and hardware maintenance. 

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December 2017 Newsletter





Merry Christmas, 2017.

From all at One World LED Pty. Ltd (Aust), Happy Holidays and we wish you a fantastic start to the New Year.

Official Launch of latest Adverpost Update

One World LED has made some exciting changes to our world leading signage monetization/control platform. These changes aim to improve user experience. On the changeover date (15th December 2017), will transition to the new version of Adverpost. The campaigns set up on the  beta website ( will be downloaded to user displays automatically.
As of the 15th December, the main domain for Adverpost will transition to the new site and the previous version will no longer be utilised. The new version features a vastly improved GUI, optimisation of resource allocation and the necessary allowances for future v-commerce and deal-code functionality, our next main development projects.


OWLED Service Primer

We have prepared and completed our latest technical primer as a resource for service and maintenance of LED displays. The Service Primer guides technicians through fault assessment, diagnosis and rectification techniques for the difference components within LED displays with assistance from images and flow charts.

Download Service Primer

SAR Brisbane completes their first OWLED project

OWLED congratulates Signarama Brisbane CBD for their successful installation of a P6 Outdoor screen for a school. This marks the franchises first OWLED back installation, and we hope will build momentum for future projects.

Signarama Brisbane CBD Facebook



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