Our patents represent the pride and hard work that go into our design, engineering and manufacture of One World LED hardware and software technology, that combine to provide a unique and compelling solution for advertising quality LED display systems.

The following represents a sample of one of our patents regarding LED display and digital signage technology and its utilization platforms.

  • ZL 200710171787.8 A flash array device (invention)
  • ZL 200810200121.5 A firmware based virtualization platform
  • ZL 201010149051.2 A device and method of firmware based OS-independent flash array
  • ZL 201010234704.7 Flash cluster device and configuration method
  • ZL 2010 2 0268635.7 Flash cluster device (Utility model patent)
  • ZL 201010274777.9 Flash array hub, cascading flash array & interleaving cascaded flash array
  • ZL 201110082382.3 Method and system for data transmitting and displaying (Adverpost)
  • ZL 201210015905.7 Controlling method and device of advertising display (IPAM)
  • 201310560958.1 Method and system for accessing data (VCB)
  • 201410025236.0 Method and device for setting data display (Softpanel)
  • 201410219695.2 Method, device and system of data processing (Smart display)
  • 201510240289.9 A display method and device (E2V)

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