One World LED is a South Australian owned company that designs, patents, engineers and manufactures advertising quality, high resolutions LED displays for the advertising and sign industries. One World LED has won the best LED supplier award from Signarama franchisees.

One World LED demonstrates its long-term view of the visualisation technology industries through considerable investment of capital in the development of its patented products and services and its sales channels.


One World LED distributes its products and services through its Authorised Reseller network in Australia and overseas by wholesale arrangements with advertising and sign companies that already have excellent experience in digital signage, graphic design and branding and great relationships with sign customers.

One World LED has no desire to “reinvent the wheel” to capture sign customers when existing businesses already have excellent relationships with sign customers and are adequately resourced. Rather One World LED sees excellent opportunity to engage with the sign and related industries to assist their clients as they transition to digital sign. One World LED is not a retailer. It can only sell its products and services through its Authorised Resellers.

One World LED offers smart manufacturing and branding as an LED engineer and manufacturer/supplier so that One World LED Authorised Resellers can concentrate on what they do best. Marketing, selling and supporting their valuable sign clients and opportunities.

Importantly, our strategy allows Authorised Resellers to market and sell a recognised brand name for advertising quality LED, and an organisation that supports its resellers with product knowledge, marketing, sales and technical support.

Often LED “shops” are selling an un-recognised LED brand. As LED displays are highly technical products it is important to know what are the on-going support and upgrade paths are with your LED displays. Only a branded manufacturer marketing its brand through Authorised Resellers provides the certainty of on-going brand support, long-term industry relationships and the capital resources required to effectively grow its market share.

Our volume arrangement with sign and advertising companies ensures we can keep our manufacturing production efficient and our costs lower, so we can deliver great products at highly competitive prices to our Authorised Resellers. One World LED is also able to consult with its Authorised Resellers to customise specific requirements for their clients LED sign projects.

One World LED manages all of the supply chain from design and engineering through to manufacture and distribution to its Authorised Resellers in its international sales markets. This takes the head-ache out of importing from overseas suppliers with product marketing, logistics, sales and support provided on-shore by One World LED distributors to its Authorised Reseller network.

One World LED’s vision is to provide profitable growth to its Authorised Resellers as their clients’ transition to digital signage. The future of sign is digital. One World LED and its Authorised Reseller partners will be a powerful force in helping digital sign customers realise the enormous potential to increase their brand awareness and drive up sales and revenue with One World LED quality advertising display solutions.

Click here to complete the One World LED Authorised Reseller Request Form. We will be in touch with you to discuss becoming an Authorised Reseller and how we can assist your sign and advertising clients’ transition to the digital sign economy.