Showcase Series

885642_824385104322590_3868344610970451753_oThe One World LED Showcase series are ideal for shopping centre malls, cinemas, hotels, exhibition centres, retail shops, real estate agencies, supermarkets and sign investors looking for an ideal solution to earn revenue from branded sponsors or third part advertisers in retail precincts.

The One World LED Showcases are full enclosed cabinets and may be placed directly on floor-space using fabrication retention, positioned on the included legs as stand-alone units, or on customised mobile footings.

They are attractive and vibrant displays that utilise purpose designed Silan manufactured P6 SMD LED’s providing excellent full colour resolution ensuring vibrancy in areas where filtered light such as mall atriums can defray brightness. Pictures, Images, Branding Logos and Advertiser Videos look superb on the One World LED Showcases.

The Showcases are available in two sizes, the Standard 1M(W) x 2M(H) and Grande 1.6M(W) x 2M(H) Showcase. They are also available in Indoor SMD or Semi-Outdoor SMD and have poly-carbonate door cover options. They can be optioned with sound systems, LED server and WiFi or 3G/USB communications for remote access.

The One World LED Showcases provide an excellent method of demonstrating the usefulness of One World LED’s Adverpost cloud-based advertising content management solution. Sign investors such as shopping centre investors can use Adverpost to schedule media events on behalf of branded suppliers or third party advertisers. The One World LED Showcase signs can also be searched/found in Adverpost on the web, and can manage advertisers and their media and automate payments between the advertisers and the sign owners.

The One World LED Showcases provide an excellent return on investment (ROI) opportunity especially when positioned in high traffic locations and where sponsored or third party advertisers are keen to get their message to that location.

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