Outdoor LED


One World LED full colour LED display and digital signage solutions for OUTDOOR are available in several cabinet sizes and pitch resolutions. One World LED can also customise cabinets to order (custom solutions may attract a manufacture levy). These products usually carry an IP65 front and back or better ratings. See the One World LED Comprehensive LED Handbook for more details.

Your One World LED OUTDOOR displays will provide quality full colour displays of your advertising content using Silan manufactured DIP LEDs to impress your outdoor audience and to provide brilliant vibrancy and greater longevity to maximise your return on investment.

Modular cabinets provide great flexibility when building your Outdoor LED sign solution. Sturdy steel construction (aluminium option) ensures long-life durability. Quality power supplies, fans and circuitry add to the assurance that One World LED provides great pricing for quality LED Outdoor display solutions.

Resolutions (pitch) range typically from P8 to P20 with P10 the optimal choice for price, viewing distance and video media content. Various Outdoor (DIP) sizes include:

  • 1024MM x1024MM  (P8)
  • 1024MM x1280MM (P8)
  • 640MM x 640MM (P8)
  • 960MM x 960MM (P10)
  • 800MM x 800MM (P10)
  • 640MM x 640MM (P10)
  • 800MM x1920MM (P10)
  • 1920MM x 960MM (P10)
  • 1120MM x 960MM (P10)
  • 1120MM x 640MM (P10)
  • 800MM x 640MM (P10)
  • 480MM x 480MM (P10)
  • 1200MM x 640MM (P10)
  • 1200MM x1280MM (P10)
  • 2400MM x 640MM (P10)
  • 2400MM x1280MM (P10)
  • 768MM x 576MM (P12)
  • 1024MM x 768MM (P16)
  • 1280MM x 960MM (P20)

Your One World LED Outdoor cabinet solutions include:

  • Silan LED’s, Power Supplies and Fans, Power and Short-Lead Data Cables
  • Sturdy Steel Cabinet Build, Locking Pins and Bolts
  • Back Service Doors or Front Service Options
  • LED Software (Windows) for Asynchronous and/or Synchronous Sign Communications
  • Computer Receiving Cards for On-Line and/or Off-Line Modes
  • WiFi, 3G/USB and LED Server Options Available
  • Adverpost Subscription for Advertiser/Sign Owner Management Option Available
  • 100,000 Hours Mean Time Life. 12 Months Standard Manufacturer Warranty

Click here for the One World LED Outdoor Cabinet Features and Benefits and Technical Flyer. This PDF flyer provides examples of our One World LED Outdoor cabinet range, example cabinet sizes, their typical use, Ingress Protection rating, technical specifications including brightness, power utilisation.

Contact One World LED to discuss your digital LED display requirements. Click here to complete the One World LED Request for Quote Form.