Brilliant One World LED displays are only half of the solution . . . meet Adverpost™. The game changer in digital out of home advertising.

Your One World LED hardware technology will sure look great and last a long time – but its smart software and content management that really drives the return on investment for digital signs, especially for sign investors looking for a great return on investment.

Thanks to the affordable price of our patented One World LED high resolution advertising displays and software technologies, more sign investors and sign owners can enter the digital advertising industry. Digital signs of all sizes and in more locations such as supermarket and hardware facades and shopping centres all help to create own business, sponsored and third party revenue opportunity.

With brands consolidating and advertising budgets getting bigger, the ability for advertisers to market their brands over a larger and more affordable sign base is compelling. Now it is possible for the smallest of businesses to get opportunity to advertise in more vibrant locations in their local business districts, or throughout the world, from the Adverpost cloud servers.

Adverpost™ empowers more advertisers to search and find sign owners and their signs throughout the cloud and directly advertise with them, avoiding middle agency fees. Digital advertising is suddenly far more affordable for smaller businesses and puts more digital signs within easy reach of advertisers. More signs in front of more consumers means better brand recognition and increased sales. As we say at One World LED – SHOW MORE. SELL MORE.

One World LED digital displays are designed and patented with Adverpost™ in mind, streamlining advertising content, media transfer and scheduling but most importantly avoiding the need to purchase expensive advertising content solutions that provide no search and find solution.

Simply stated, Adverpost independently connects more advertisers with more sign owners throughout the cloud and across the globe.

Integrate Digital TV and LED with Adverpost™

Adverpost integrates indoor digital TV and indoor/outdoor LED displays throughout the cloud enabling advertising campaigns and product launches to appear from the smallest of Point of Sale TV screens, to the largest of digital LED displays and bill-boards.

Point of sale TV screens, location pylon signs, and banner and way-finder signs can all be managed by Adverpost™.
Simplify sign content management from web enabled devices in marketing offices, advertising agencies, shopping centre management offices, or proprietor owned premises.

Manage your ad campaigns, new product announcements, seasonal or promotional themes and offers across your digital LED signs singularly, by location, franchise group, per state or nationally. Deploy your digital marketing media assets across your digital signs easily using the power of the web.

Effectively launch new branding across all stores simultaneously, easily and with enormous cost savings over traditional sign re-branding. It is here that Adverpost™ and One World LED displays systems combine to really shine with regard to return on investment of LED signage.

Set and forget marketing, branding and new launch campaigns leaving the hard work to Adverpost™ and One World LED display systems to co-ordinate and launch your new ad campaigns.

Advertise Your Business
  • Search our worldwide database of locations
  • Compare & book desired advertising location(s)
  • Adverpost will schedule/transmit your advertisment(s)
  •  Track relevant realtime campaign statistics
Generate Ad Revenue
  • Enlist your advertising medium(s) for hire
  • Adverpost will automatically handle bookings
  • Earn daily, weekly & monthly advertising revenue
  • Track relevant realtime booking/revenue statistics

11   Update Adverpost-enabled LED displays from virtually any internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world! The patented Adverpost platform also offers a plethora of other content management features including:

  • Automatic Advertising Sales Processing and Content Transmission
  • Intuitive Campaign, Promotion, and Message Scheduling
  • Continuous Addition of New Features at Zero Additional Cost
  • Live Onshore Technical Support to Guide you Through Features
  • User Friendly Designed Interface and Content Management System
  • Centralised Marketplace for Advertisers to Easily Purchase Advertising Space
  • And Much More!
Adverpost Content Management
  • Upload graphics & videos to Adverpost
  • Hassle-free file format conversion
  • Full control over media scheduling
  • Update multiple locations simultaneously
  • Automatic log & statistics tracking
  • Allows emergency interruption of loop
  • Live payment & revenue tracking
  • Customised brightness & video settings

Adverpost is a patented one stop shop in advertising business. The platform allows any company global multimedia advertising access and saves time and money for the advertiser.