LED Selections

There are several factors that should be evaluated when selecting the correct One World LED display or digital signage to communicate your branding and advertising to your important prospects, customers and passers-by.

Before we discuss the various criteria that affect your sign choice, the MOST important discussion is about:

“What Am I Trying To Achieve with an LED Display or Digital Sign”

Initially there is much focus on price. Although an important consideration, this should never be the determining factor. Quality is also important and should play a deciding role on your return on investment (ROI).

However, your first consideration should be about:Questions

  • The image you wish to portray,
  • Your quality of branding,
  • Type of communication and
  • Effectiveness of communication.

After all, this is your signs ultimate purpose. Your image and how you portray that is the essence of your branding and relationship with your audience. It should never be compromised.

Why is this important? Because One World LED Display or Digital signs:

  • Are more vibrant and more noticeable than traditional signs
  • Last longer than traditional signs
  • More immediately communicate products and services
  • Effectively drive more customers to your brand and/or location
  • Show More. Sell More.

You need to ensure that you select the correct pitch/resolution. Don’t compromise on that because it represents the quality of your brand. Just like a full-colour glossy magazine is to a regular newspaper.

As the growth of LED displays spreads to more stores and locations the price will decrease and ever higher resolution screens will become affordable, so it’s important to select as higher resolution possible to ensure your display competes for the future.

You can always make your sign bigger thanks to the LED cabinet modularity we engineer and manufacture at One World LED. But you need to first ensure the pitch represents your communication objective and suits the style of media you will display. Your branding image and effectiveness of visual communication is key to successful sales outcomes.

Now let’s look at some of the LED sign selection criteria you should consider.