Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology has advanced rapidly, and is now acknowledged as a highly effective, low-energy lighting source for residential and commercial lighting applications.

For LED displays, full colour Red, Blue and Green (RGB) LED globes are combined on computer electronic circuit boards and placed together in cabinets to drive the creation of millions of colour combinations that display text, images and on high resolution LED systems even video, on the front of the LED cabinets.

These recent developments, in which One World LED plays an important design and engineering role, have led to the creation of full colour and high resolution electronic signs for indoor and outdoor application.

Combined with the miniaturisation of computer electronics over recent years, it is now possible to combine many individual RGB LEDs into singular modules (or tiles) of LED that can then be driven by an attached computer graphic system to generate high resolution full colour displays in a similar manner to the way a computer generates displays on its attached display monitor. Refer to our Design Prime for more details.

The future of the sign industry will be directly impacted by the transition of the digital economy, through the application of digital LED hardware and internet communications and software technology, converging to provide a something of a revolution now that LED systems are capable of full colour high resolution displays supporting pictures and video images.

Thanks to the reduction in cost, more sign owners can implement vibrant, eye catching displays that attract more customers. Digital LED sign technology can even connect sponsors, brands and advertisers to digital signs over the internet, turning once static signs into vibrant, constantly changing signs that SHOW MORE – SELL MORE and can even be a source of advertising revenue.

One World LED is integral to the LED industry’s development of LED display technology and proudly invests in and patents its LED display solutions, manufactured at its repetitive production plants in China. Its clever design, engineering and manufacturing maximises LED circuit designs to effect high quality, high resolution and cost-effective LED display outcomes.

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